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Voted to repeal access to somewhat affordable healthcare. A well-earned A+ NRA rating. Equates gay marriage with bestiality. Lobbied for our withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Voted to add $1,300,000,000,000 to the U.S. deficit. Voted against providing post 9/11 veterans educational assistance. Attempts at every opportunity to deny women control over their own bodies. Supports the detention and separation of families. Has said and done nothing about the 34 deaths of asylum seekers in U.S. custody. Sponsored a bill to allow police to force DNA samples of anyone arrested or detained.

What’s your reason why John Cornyn needs to go?

Annie is walking 420 miles across the state of Texas in February to protest John Cornyn and all the ways he makes our lives harder and his better. We want you to join us, both in real life or in spirit, and invite you to use our platform and megaphone to elevate your voice and reasons why Cornyn does not deserve your vote.


Sun., Feb. 16: Houston to Rosenberg
Mon., Feb. 17: Corpus Christi
Tues., Feb. 18: OFF (televised debate in Austin)
Wed., Feb. 19 :Harlingen to Brownsville
Thurs. Feb. 20: Brownsville to McAllen
Fri., Feb 21: Brownsville to McAllen
Sat., Feb. 22 Ramireño to Laredo
Sun., Feb. 23 Laredo to Encinal
Mon., Feb. 24 San Antonio to New Braunfels
Tues., Feb. 25 New Braunfels to Buda
Wed., Feb. 26 Buda to Austin
Thurs. Feb. 27 OFF
Fri., Feb. 28 Austin to Georgetown
Sat., Feb. 29 Midland to Odessa
Sun., March 1 El Paso, ending at Wal-Mart at 7101 Gateway Blvd.

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